Can exclusive authors sell rejected items else where?

Hello brothers and sisters! Wish you good health and fat sales!
I have couple of tracks that were rejected even though I was nominated for best soundtracks in a film festival, they got rejected because they are not commercial enough basically!
They are made for specific movies/videos, epic, kinda ‘dark’ feel.
So my question is: can exclusive authors sell rejected items else where? I stress that, only the rejected ones!
Here are some of the rejected ones

This one was rejected yesterday

Why not? Items are your, not Envato’s. You can sell them anywhere if they are not accepted here.


Yeah bro I know that, I mean the term Exclusive Author does it mean like
Only here and nowhere else , OR only here for the Accepted tracks and nowhere else!?

only here for accepted tracks of course…
You can sell your rejected work where you want
// if item is accepted here, you can’t sell it on any other place.
if item is not accepted here, you can sell it on other markets, on your website etc…


thanks bro! That’s what I needed 2 know

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You’re only exclusive for any items which are accepted and added to the marketplaces, so you can be exclusive here and sell Item A, but you can sell item B anywhere you want.

Exclusivity just means you give Envato the right to be the sole distributor of any items added to the marketplaces.

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Yeah, i got that.
But I wish AJ was more open to new ideas and different feel of music!
Not everyone in the whole world is feeling POSITIVE and UPLIFTED.
There are people who want to add more ‘depression’ , darkens, distortion to their work.
the above tracks can be used for documentaries and stuff like that.

Your tracks are very beautiful, congrats .
The first one is really superb .

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Thanks bro, I kinda feel sad to have those rejected.
I put so much feelings in there.
The harps are always moving out of ‘normal tones’ …swinging the mood!
But what can you do!

I like your music a lot, actually, but it won’t likely sell massive numbers here anyway, wrong door. PMA libraries targeted at TV and film producers is where it belongs and has a good chance of bringing you performance royalties in addition.

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Thank you bro it means a lot to me!
I will try it there!
But honestly need to contact AJ so I dont get in trouble cuz I like it here!
But those rejected , specific ones I could upload else where!
Can you send me a link? I cant find it!

This one was rejected yesterday.

What was the reason for this one being rejected? I am a newbie, and have nothing up yet, but if this is rejected, then I have no hope…I like it.

Wowww I like your sound, it’s dark and well made. You should try another place, those are surely got a good sales elsewhere

@TesterMedia @FASSounds
Thank you for the kind words bros.
It just makes the pain hurt less.
There was no reason of rejection.
I don’t know where soundtracks sell.

@Gareth_Gillman @LostSoundStudio its not cool anymore, everyone now sell their item in other market. and they still have the badge “Exclusive Author”. Sounds good right ?

Feel free to report any such instances to support and they’ll look into it. People are welcome to sell whatever they want wherever they want, but if they want to take advantage of the benefits of being exclusive, then they need to play by the rules.

No need to post this on every thread though! :wink: