Can anyone suggest me title of this images?


I want to upload this image in Photodune categori. Can any one please suggest me images titles that i can upload. Also please let me know these images will be able to approve or not. I will be thanks.



hi, as for me , i am very unlikely to believe that u can make it with the first one … i don’t know how to tell just that without being harsh ut for me it looks too much of an amateur thing indeed , i guess this is coming from the environment most importably which looks far from being clearly organized and so on , i assule there won’t be so many people to believe that this is a stock photo who are going to be willing to buy and use this item … the second one is definitely much better according to me, this is credible a stock one, the environment looks neat , there’s an angle and something getting out of the picture , i guess it can be used for some purposes indeed


Thanks so can you please suggest me some title for second image