Can anyone please tell me where can I sell my pdf invoice printable template?

Hello friends,

I need some help as I’m new and unable to understand how Envato works. I have uploaded an item yesterday in graphics category which is a printable & editable invoice template in pdf format. However, after 2 submission it got disappear again, I don’t know why. After some research I came to that it may be ‘hard rejected’.

Can anyone please tell me whether I can sell this item on Envato or not? If yes then where exactly I have to upload this item? in Graphics or Themeforest as I’m confused and also kindly suggest in which category.

below is the image of my pdf template.

Hi @syed_eer

For anything graphics related your best bet is GraphicRiver. ThemeForest is for website themes.

As for your template shown here, it is very far from the quality expected on Envato marketplaces.

  • Overall, it’s way too basic with little to no design elements that make it original or aesthetically pleasing.
  • Most text is touching the edge of their containers. There should be a bit of space that makes it much easier to read and nicer to look at.

From a purely functional view, I’m sure it works well, but for a premium item that people would want to buy, it needs a lot more attention to detail.

I’m grateful for your response and review. I believe I can resubmit it after all modifications. However, I must follow your instruction on the appearance.

How do people input their content to the fields?

Your other thread mentioned it was dynamic?

It’s definitely not themeforest and as mentioned you need to do a lot more with design, options, etc.

Also you need to be submitting source files eg what if someone wants to change the labels or copy not in those fields.

Thank you for your reply @charlie4282 & @XioxGraphix. Basically, it is a downloadable pdf with input fields. Oh Yeah! auto calculation feature is enabled that’s why I called it dynamic, and there are buttons to add and remove rows. However, the image attached above is just a screenshot of that invoice. Kindly have a look at the three animated gifs for the same below because of size restrictions.

I shall be waiting for your valuable thoughts on this and advice me on what I should be doing to get this accepted.




What about all the non animated content like column headings and field labels? Are those also editable?

With respect I cannot see how/where this would sell as it is on envato.

  • if buyers could drag/drop/compile new sections easily then maybe, and is what would be expected on a stock item, but right now it seems quite rigid and fixed for a stock marketplace.

  • is it not possible to do what you are offering (and more) if someone has software like Acrobat or similar?

Thank you for your reply @charlie4282.
All headings and labels are non-editable at the moment, however, I can make them also editable. To be honest, I wanted to keep another version of this with those features.
With regards to the columns, yes that is also possible, I can give that feature also on button click user can add an extra column. Here, I’m assuming not everyone will have Acrobat or anything similar.

I think to get it over the line you are going to have to work on making it very flexible in terms of compiling the content and layout that different buyers will want, as well as being able to modify styling beyond just the logo e.g. fonts, colours, field types etc.

Thank you again for your reply. I don’t think changing color & font would be possible but however, I shall make it more flexible and resubmit it. Hopefully, it will get accepted.