Buying theme = Child theme

Hi there,

If I buy a theme, I’m looking at Redwood by SoloPine, is this a child theme, or when I make changes, will they be lost when an update comes along? Sorry, new to all this.


You will get both parent and child theme. I am sure it has child theme included when you download/purchase it. Make sure all your customizations are done using a child theme.

Thanks for your swift reply. Is this the same for most highly rated themes? And how do I know if I’m doing my customizations using the child theme?

Yes, but this theme is only for blog sites.

All your new files and customisations such as CSS, functions and more should be added to your Child folder located in wp-content/themes

Thanks very much for your help

At the moment I am looking at themeforest for a fresh copy of the theme Mies. The theme Mies we bought, but it is some time ago. I don’t know what to do.
I want to make a child theme. I have done something wrong previous time. But I am giving it another try. It would also be helpful to actually get a child theme for Mies from you. I expect that is possible since I assume we have paid one time for the theme Mies.
In other words:

  1. I would like to get a fresh copy of Mies, where can I find it or what should I do? (then I can compare the fresh copy with the actual theme we are using now, see if there are changes)
  2. It might be helpful to get a child theme for Mies, too.
    I am relatively new to this, just trying to get somewhere :wink:

Kind regards

It might be good if you can contact the theme author directly about your concern. Thanks

Thank you. Where can I find/contact him or her? I suppose you know that? Instructions there

You can download the latest version from your downloads page (assuming you are logged in)

Thank you