Buyer asking to buy directly with discount


I’m getting some emails (through aj) of buyers asking if they can buy a couple of tracks for a discount directly from me.
Is this allowed?
Im an exclusive member.

Only mentioned is: not selling on other stock sites…

Thank you!

Not allowed. It’s not selling on other stock sites and not selling directly yourself.


Thank you! Clear…

another reason you don’t want to do that? the buyer is then not bound by any licensing or use restrictions that come from buying on audio jungle.


It’s not allowed. BTW you can make “directly” some new custom freelance work.

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Yeah, but these cheap guys want a 15$ track for 10… So no great freelance jobs either :smile:

Had the same thing recently.

They were asking for the track for free and in return they would provide some ‘exposure’ instead. Told them no way and they ended up buying a broadcast licence…

Just tight folks trying to save some of their budget money I think…


In my opinion, Audiojungle is great to learn, to connect with other authors and improve skills.
But I think the prices are discounted enough here. discounting 5 dollars?? No deal for me.
Totally agree with @ProTunes and @CrossGateProductions


Me too!

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