Buy Licence for somebody else

is it possible to buy a licence for someone else?
I would like to give a customer a video of mine, which I shot at his location, so he could use it for his own promotion in his own name. So he would make some changes in Logo and what not.
I am totally fine with this, using my footage, but I am not sure, if he can use the audio.
I would like to give him everything for free,because it is a good customer.
So now is the question, can I buy a licence for him, or is it enough, when I have bought the licence for the initial video, that I gave him and he is modifing it for his purpose?

Thanks in advance!

Well, as far as I know, 1 music license = 1 final product.

It is definitely impossible to give, transfer or resell purchased music licenses on Envato. It looks like a shadow scheme.

Have you used this license in your video project before?

If so YES you cannot! Your friend or acquaintance or someone else must buy his license for the same music track! 1 music license = 1 final product!

Good luck!

Licenses are non-transferrable. He will need to purchase a license to use the music.

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Ok, thanks for the Answers. So there is no option to buy a licence for someone else.

He can register his account as a buyer within 1 minute on Envato! Give him a link to this track and let him buy what he needs! :slightly_smiling_face:

Correct. Licenses are assigned to the purchase account only, and can’t be transferred.

Jeah I know, but I thought it would be nicer to give him everything, instead of give him money for the music. Which he will not take anyway.

There is a simple solution to his problem I wrote above. I think that the question is solved.

There is no need “to reinvent the bicycle”. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does the term of licence transfer (audio) have changed in 2021 ?
My client an “Cultural Association” didn’t want to create an account on Envato for several reasons. I don’t make business with this audio, I just buy for client and bill in disbursements. On other soundtrack platforms it’s allowed to customer to choose the final client for the License Agreement. With Envato I didn’t see how to attribute licence to somebody else .
I just saw that :
In the Envato FAQ it’s says :
Is my license transferable?
Generally, your license is not transferable. There are a few exceptions:

  1. If you are a freelancer / agency using the item for a single end product for one client. The license would in effect be transferred to the client.

It’s my case. How I must do to officially transfer licence (audiojungle) to my client ?
Thanks for help

So if I’m working on a video for a client, and they should always be the owner of the license, do I need to set up a separate account for each client?