Still confused about licensing music to a client

Hi, i read other posts about this issue and i also opened a ticket with Envato and got an answer, but i’m still unsure about the procedure with which you transfer the license for a music to a client. The scenario is: i make a video, i buy a music license (Audiojungle), i embed the music in the video, i sell the video to the client. Now i want to transfer the music license to the client, so that he/she will be able to prove that he/she is allowed to own a product which embeds that music, in case any kind of legal control is made.
I’ve been told by Envato support that i am allowed to create the product for the client, and that i need to remove the music (and the product using it) from my computer once i’ve delivered it to the client. The missing part is - when i purchase the license, the invoice reports my data, not the client’s. On my Envato account, i have no tool to transfer the license to another person. There is no web page for this operation. So, if the client needs to prove he/she owns the right to have that music embedded in his/her video, how will he/she be able to do that since he/she has no documentation for this ?
If you’re actually selling products to your client and buying licenses for music that you embed in the delivered product, how are you managing the license transfer ? Thank you

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