Business Card rejected!!! Why?

Why this business card was rejected? I dont understand. Any Idea?

Looks quite good, but it was probably rejected only on reviewers opinion that today higher quality and design is needed. I think that they don’t want anymore plain things, as we’ve got enough of that. “Let’s make a step forward and level up the whole community with new designs and graphics!” - is the idea. Still your card is good, would have surely made some sales, but for the mentioned reasons it did not get through.


hi i think that u are right but unlike many that are rejected , in this case, this card requires more skills and is not that easy to redo unless u have good photoshop skills … this does not mean that it could not potentially been improved a bit with a little more originality in the typo or more worked out icons , but this is good like all the same …

Thanks for your answers guys.

Hi there:

I think you need more design (colors, box, fonts etc) maybe approved graphicriver.


lol this is a rather superficial review indeed lol