Business Card rejected, I don’ t know why

Hi Here,
I’ am new on Graphic River,
I don’ t know why my business card rejected and what reason
Please help me

I am new too. I sent near 10 designs, all rejected. they want a unique design. with over 21000 business card on graphicriver it’s really hard to create a unique one, but continue and don’t give up. good luck.

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Hi there!

It can be frustrating. With no feedback, its hard to say if its the design or the your bleeds/safe-areas aren’t set up properly for example. I promise, once you have one accepted, it makes things a lot easier as you can be confident that you have the basic requirements set up properly.

Best of luck. Assuming it is based on the design alone, originality is key! Find a unique design element and create a little niche for yourself. It is a crowded market!


Hi, I think that you typography is bad because too small, try make new card business better typography you can see for example other design in graphicriver for give ideas, regards.


Thank you!

many thanks

I will try, thanks

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I have seen many projects like this one on GR. Me too rejected too many times. Envato Quality Team is getting harder than ever. Your design must be unique or better than others. A word of advise: Add image and few lines on that.