Business Card Design hard rejected. Please help showing me where I can improve.



Hey guys,

Submitted the below business card designs, and both times they were hard rejected by Envato. Please help me with the areas where I need to improve for the next time. Thank you.


Basic business cards aren’t wanted.

Try folded, round or die-cut business cards, you may have more luck… Nice designs mind you, although the logo on the dark green ought to be centered between the dividing line and the left edge.


hiii freddym17

This is brilliant, but you may have to work more on the hierarchy on the information side or Make sure the font type or user Logo.


I don’t think that your recommendations, which you wrote in almost 2 years, will be useful to the author now :wink:


Its ok romlam. if it not useful to Particular one user, but its useful to others to solve the Business Card Design.