Bundled Plugins

I purchased The Mr. SEO Theme which was bundled with SLIDER REVOLUTION. I have the purchase code for the theme but it doesn’t work to activate the SLIDER. Incidentally, the Gravity forms are all showing “UNLICENSED” as well.
It is my understanding from research that I should be able to activate these plugins since they were bundled, but I cannot find any other codes. The FAQ on ThemeForest seemed to assume they would be activated when the theme was activated but they are not. Any advice for me?
Thank you!


Here you will find all of bundle plugin for your purchase hope helpful?


Yes, I saw this! Thank you - - maybe I am missing something important, but it clearly says "Can only be used under the same license as the theme they came with " and I only have one purchase code - so how do I get those plugins activated? The pop up in the WP dash says :
"If you purchased a theme that bundled Slider Revolution

  • No activation needed to use to use / create sliders with Slider Revolution
  • Update manually through your theme
  • Access our FAQ database and video tutorials for help.

But, ThemePunch directs me back to Envato, ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. In my account, under “downloads” I only have the Mr. SEO theme purchase code and it does not work.
It seems to me that SLIDER REVOLUTION should have been activated when I activated the theme.

Is that helpful for plugin activation?

I think you can get help in this situation from your purchase item author.

I received this message: * Sorry, support for this Envato Market purchase code has expired. You will need to extend support or purchase a new license."
Can anyone advise me? The REVOLUTION SLIDER was included in the theme. I should not have to pay for a license to activate it. I have seen reference to activating the plugins “through the theme” but I don’t see how I can do that. Gravity Forms also displays an “unlicensed” alert.

Everything in the FAQ tells me the plugins should be activated - anyone have any theories on why mine are not? Thank you!

What are bundled plugins?

Bundled plugins offer the same core features and functionality as the standalone version of the item on CodeCanyon.

Some plugins may ask for a purchase code for registration/activation once installed, however, you can simply ignore these messages as bundled plugins do not require activation or registration. The plugin will still work as intended with the theme once the theme has been activated/registered.

When a plugin is updated, the theme author will include the latest version of the bundled plugin with their next theme update. So you can easily update the bundled plugin when you next update your theme.

What’s the difference between a bundled and a standalone plugin?

There are a few basic differences between plugins that are purchased separately and those that come bundled with a theme.

Standalone (or separately purchased) plugins:

  • Come with their own individual license
  • Can be used independently, with any theme
  • Come with their own purchase code, which may be used to activate the plugin and remove the “Activation” message
  • Can be updated from CodeCanyon as soon as a new plugin version is released
  • Comes with 6 months of item support from the plugin author, with the option to extend the support period

Bundled plugins purchased as part of a theme from a theme author:

  • Can only be used under the same license as the theme they came with (they cannot be extracted or used with other themes)
  • Are supported by the seller of the theme (the theme author), under Item Support for the theme during your support period
  • Are updated when a new version of the theme is released


I’ll be happy to clear this for you.

Theme Bundled plugins do not have their own licenses. This means they cannot be activated mean registered for updates. So you can safely ignore any plugin activation/registration messages.

All bundled plugins update responsibility is the theme’s author. Just always download the theme latest version to get latest update plugins and update bundled plugin manually.

If you really want to auto update features by one click then you have to purchase individual license for the plugin(s) and you have to registere/activated the license.