Issue with Required Plug-ins

I purchased ThemeForest’s Jupiter (Which I love) through Envato but am having a problem activating two of the included required plug-ins. The critical one is Slider Revolution, which I use quite a lot, and Layer Slider, which I haven’t tried yet. I have a license for Slider Revolution on another site but since it is included with Jupiter, I don’t want to deactivate it from the other site. I did have a non-activated copy of Slider Revolution working on my site while I was testing a bunch of themes prior to deciding which one to purchase. Every time I open Slider Revolution it complains about not being and having an available update. I tried deactivating it in my Jupiter control panel then adding back in but both Slider Revolution and WP-Plugins complain that it isn’t licensed (exact message from WP-Plugins: and I can’t get the updates. The update is not available in the Jupiter control panel. I have no idea how to fix this. Any ideas?

Bundled plugins will not be activated, so you can’t receive updates. However, you can safely ignore the activation messages and continue to use the plugins. Any updates to bundled plugins must be done by the theme author.

If you want to activate a bundled plugin, you’ll probably want to get in touch with the theme author in case they’ve modified the plugin. Here is the support page for Jupiter:

More detailed information is available in the Help Center: