Bridge Theme update for WPBakery


Any help would be appreciated. I have updated the Bnridge theme as I always keep it up to date. I have Bridge core plugin installed. I used to be able to go to Apperance-> Install Plugins to update WPBakery which was included in the theme. However, now when I go there WPBakery is not even in the list. Am I missing something? I need to get the plugin updated and now I have no idea how. I have looked through all Qode’s help section and searched Google. Everything says it should be listed. I also looked in the lastest Bridge theme folder to see if the zip file was present to manually update it and found nothing.

Thank you for any help anyone could provide,

Maybe it’s not necessary to update the plugin? Just contact the item author for the information/help

It shows in the main plugin screen that it needs to be updated. When I contacted WPBakery they said it needs to update through the Bridge Theme.

The author hasn’t ( Bridge ) updated the bundled plugin. You could ask them or wait for the next update