Bridge Theme - 'Scroll to selection' in Qode slider doesn't seem to function

Hi Qode,

A few weeks ago i purchased your “Bridge Theme”. I’m currently working on a website ( using this theme.

Until now I’m very pleased with the quality of your theme and how easy it is to customize and maintain. However, I came across a little issue regarding the “Scroll to section” area in de Qode slider.

The goal I try to achieve is to have a little arrow centered at the bottom of the slider on the homepage. Then when a user clicks on this arrow the page will scroll to the next section, something which should be straight forward according to the theme’s documentation. But when I enter the section ID including the hashtag, the arrow won’t appear on the website, which brings me to the question: How can I make the arrow to appear?

Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards,

Michel Draisma

This is user to user forum and if you need some item support, it’s better to contact the author. You can find the contact information at the documentation probably or you can just send direct message from author’s profile


Thanks, I will do that.