Sliders not fading fast enough after scrolling (Bridge Theme)


Hello! I’m an inexperienced WP user and a while ago my website started acting up. I’m using the Bridge Theme and when you scroll from the top down, the slider isn’t fading/transitioning soon enough and the following sections start running up into the header image. I’ve updated WP and the problem is persisting so it appears to be a Bridge issue. Thank you for any suggestions you might have.



Can you put link from site? It is very hard to say anything without link.


Sorry, here’s the URL:



Thank you . First thing what I see that you have outdated version of template 9.5 and latest is 12.0.1.
You need to try to update whole site you have and outdated version of plugins.


Well that was an easy fix - thank you! I will watch out for (and install) future theme updates. I mistakenly thought they would be updated automatically.


This is public forum not support for your template. I have also send you and mail if you need something else about your site.


Thank you Zaccc, I understand that. I just wanted to thank you and let you know the situation had been resolved. Have a great day!