Booking Form not displaying correctly

Hi. I have bought a html template on theme forest, however the author included a booking form which is powered by open table and I am not subscribed to open table, He also included a booking plugin which is a word press plugin in the html template. I contacted the author via support channel and offered to pay if he could design a booking form with php that I can use on his html template, he refused and wants me to buy his word press template and I don’t want a word press template so I bought a clean form which has a booking form that works with php, but whentrying to intergrate it on the website template it does not display well. I think it somehow inherits some of the templates css files even though I created a new folder (Form) and placed the forms css, js and other files in there and placed a link to it in the header it still uses some of the main site css, can someone give me some advice on how to get it to display correctly on the website template, I have some knowledge of html and css but not too good and I will greatly appreciate any help I can get

Hi @Gerrie007,

You can contact your purchased php form script author to get advice how you can do the fix of css conflict. Also you can remove conflicting css from the form script and hope all will be fine. maybe from script uses few common rules which is doing conflict with the template css. You can inspect the browser to see the conflict css.


Thank You, I have actually found a much simpler solution. I moved the html file to the same folder it’s css and other files are located, then I created a javascript so that the form page opens as a popup window and it works like a charm :sunglasses: It now displays and functions perfectly

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