Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress Plugin

Hi , any body used Booked plugin calendar, may i know the review of the plugin.

Am looking for a calendar for each individual wp_user so that the website visitors or other users can see if a time frame is already booked for specific user and book it if it is still available?

And user can manage their bookings from their own user panels not from admin panel (there is no admin access to user). Not like time slot only date slot . is it possible with this plugin?



Post your pre-sale question on the item comments page, please. They will answer your questions.

I hope it helps.

Thanks, I already messaged to them 10 days before, but didn’t get response.

You can have a look at the online articles here.

Basically you can have as many booking calendars as you want with as many custom fields as you want.
This means that you can create one individual calendar for one particular user.
The customers get their own front end profile page.
You have to create every single calendar manually for each user individually. Automatisation for creating individual calendars needs custom work.