Looking for WP Plugin Dev


So I had a look on Micro Lancer and I couldn’t see any section for brand new plugin devs for WordPress so I’ve come to the forums!!

I have a website were a user submits an advert, they can then go back into their user area and edit the advert after it’s been created. My request is for the ability for a user to edit the advert and add dates to a calendar to say when the advert is booked or not.

So the dev would need to create a calendar allow the advert owner to add dates when booked, and then display this calendar via shortcode or widget on the advert page.

Note the calendar will be different on every advert this isn’t a single global calendar, every advert has it’s own calendar and every user can have multiple adverts.

Any direction on where I can find a dev would be a great help!

Happy to chat and if I can’t help then can put you in touch with people who can, but I have a lot of questions on the functionality which would need to be looked at.

I am in the UK like yourself so can speak on the phone if it’s easier


Sure this would be great, could you drop me email so I have yours and I’ll explain it in a little more detail



We are interested to develop this plugin for you , can you email your web link to us on support@vozax.com ? the web you mentioned in your post …