Bluehost WP hosting & Envato Templates

Hi. I have purchased over 20 WP templates. I use Bluehost, which seems to use the latest WP for each domain being designed. I have had EVERY single one fail on upload to the site. Mostly the “CSS not available” error messages. I chose these zip files carefully, so I am wondering if I am missing something regarding compatibility of these templates to WP? Is is possible that they ae simply to old for the newest version of WP? It’s terribly frustrating, yet a few years back I had no problem getting templates to work with Bluehost. Thanks for any help here… ctf

It depends what you are buying (but the latest version of WP will not be the cause).

If it’s a WP theme then check this link

If it is a template kit, then the process is different and you need to check this is the one

Maybe, Your hosting is a limited number of files.