blogger newspaper themes

I have to move a website with an soon to be outmoded drupal version, which i cannot update because it is too complex and costly, to blogger, etc.

I am familair with blogger, but want to buy a theme from theme forest and so far, Newspaper looks best.

But I need it to be as out of the box as possible.

Any recommendations on this or similar? Also, I thought blogger does not use tags, so how does such a theme organize content.

My main content will be Japan, the world, Japanese language articles, though i could also have others like globalization, war, human rights, ex. or a combination of the 3 main topics listed plus tags for specifics.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for whoever closed my topic. I posted twice because I was on a train and t did not seem to go through. But you might be a little bit clearer? I could not find out that i had to nstance of the post. Anyway, No-one has any recommendations yet?