Newspaper theme by tagdiv


I have really impressed by newspaper theme by tag div. And I want that theme to work for my blog. But the question is. I have a blog with almost hundred post already. So can I install newspaper theme in my blog with full of content ?


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For security reasons, it’s worth it to make a backup!

yes, you can. if blog is a different domain then just you have to purchase a new license of the newspaper theme.

Different domain means

each license of your purchased will work only for one end product (as like domain/website). So for each website you have to purchase individual license. If you don’t use the theme anywhere mean don’t use the license then you can use the purchased one for your blog website. Hope you understand. Thanks

Hi Musuqrs,

Yes, you can use our theme with your posts, but this also depends on the plugins that you are using , and if you used some plugins to create these posts.
If you want, you can contact us on our email address at

Thank you!
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