Black Friday Deal for Existing Customers Envato Element Customers

I currently have a subscription that expires in April. I’d like to get the Black Friday Deal at 50% for annual subscriptions so that I can keep that price for the life of my subscription. How can I get the Black Friday deal if I’m an existing customer? Can I cancel my current subscription and renew with the new Black Friday deal?

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That offer is not available yet is it?

Most info I’ve seen about it is for “new customers only” so may not be able to add to your existing account.

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It is on now. Please someone confirm those questions above.

What would the price be after the first year?

I’m interested in this question too! Thanks

I have tried cancelling and renewing but to no avail. Element locks your pricing until the end of subscription.

ok, but what if you want the NEXT year at the special price? Is that possible? I’d do that.

Offer T&Cs: 50% discount is available to new and returning subscribers only. Current subscribers are not eligible for this offer unless upgrading their existing plan. Offer excludes Enterprise solutions. Discount is ongoing until the subscription is canceled. Offer expires on Tuesday, November 29, 1:00 PM GMT+11.

Yes ! but how to do it ? I want to contact Envato but I don’t see an email or a form…

If it’s relating elements then is the form here Envato Elements Help and Support

Thx, I just sent an email