What Will my Annual Subscription Renewal Price be?

I bought a half price annual Envato Elements subscription in last year’s Black Friday deals for $104.40. It’s due for renewal later this month but it doesn’t say, anywhere in my account what that amount will be.
When I go to cancel, it says if I renew later, I’ll pay the current RRP.
Does this mean it’ll renew at $104.40? (I won’t cancel if that’s true, but obviously I don’t want to pay the current annual RRP of $208.80, knowing Black Friday is in 2 weeks.

Hi @MotherGeekUK,

Your renewal fee will be the current annual fee, and you will not get any discount. Because any discount only for the first time for the new customer.


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@mgscoder Are you sure? I have the same situation as @MotherGeekUK and remember that Black Friday offer from 2022 year didn’t have any restrictions that the discount is only for the first 12 months.

Please see the history Landing Page from 2022

source: Pricing — Envato Elements

Current Black Friday offer from 2023 has this restristions

I hope that the renewal price for us will be discounted as in last year.

Discounted price only for the new subscriber. Renewal price will full amount.