Betheme license -- updates

I took over maintenance of a site that has Betheme installed (1 license purchased). I have not been given any details of the license purchase and I only can see in the Wordpress dashboard that the theme is registered.
The theme needs to be updated (we have 21.9.7 and the newest is 27.0.7). However, when I try to run the update I get " An error occurred while updating Betheme: The package could not be installed. The package contains no files." Apparently this indicates that there is a problem with the license.
What can I do? As I mentioned I have not been given any information about the purchased license and I can’t get hold of the company which originally built the website.

Many thanks for your help

You will need to have the access to the “Download” section for the theme to be updated manually.
I’m not sure how you’d get “no files found” error but you may need “Envato plugin” installed and activated ( with correct permissions )

If you have no access, sorry to say that you will need to purchase a new copy for the theme to get the updates.

You can still contact the item author, they may offer some other solutions.