Best web design for ecommerce site

Hey, can anyone tell me which design or theme will be good for eCommerce site, I want to sell furniture online and want to make website. I am new in this field and your suggestion will be very helpful for me. Thanks divan bed uk sale

It’s depends how versatile you need to be - all the WordPress commerce themes are great and fairly extensive.

If you are new to this then Shopify might be sensible thing to consider - you pay a monthly fee (to Shopify not envato) but they take care of all the technical stuff, hosting, security, payment etc which save a huge amount of stress.

You can still get a website template/theme to install from envato or else Shopify have free templates of their own when you sign up. These don’t look as good as the premium ones here, and won’t have as many features, but it all comes down to what you feel most comfortable with.

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Thank You for guidance