Best option(s) for upload a Vue JS project on Envato Marketplace

I recently finished a project which I created by Vue JS framework. One thing that I am not sure about it is in which method(s) should I upload my Vue JS project on Envato Marketplace?
Should I build the project and convert it to a production deployment using “NPM RUN BUILD”?
OR should I upload entire project with all confusing codes and components included in project AND also including a Read Me file as a guide for customer?
As I am new on this website and I have not enough experience, I am a little bit confused about uploading a right/understandable/customizable item on Envato Marketplace.
If anyone can help me please comment. Thank you so much…

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Upload the script into your suitable / right category

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I see just these options and I do not know why I see no “JavaScript” option in that list.

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You have to upload on Codecanyon. The project must include full source code as well as documentation or readme/help file with usage and instruction for buyers.

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Thank you so much for your answer yeah now it makes sense more.

You must have to upload at code-canyon. Also when you upload make sure that there are project documentation files attached inside because without proper docs inside the zip file you will always come up with your customers support queries so try to be hassle free by offering a detailed docs about your product installation, setup & complete deployment for buyer

This platform and specially buyers always appreciate such type of products which are easy to install and are very easy to use

Thank you

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Thank you so much for your detailed answer

Most welcome :handshake:

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