Help me with instructions on how to submit a plugin packaged using webpack

Hello everyone,

Has anyone experienced submitting a product using webpack? Please advise me on this situation!

If I use webpack to build the final js and css bundles to optimize the application size, how should I submit the plugin to the customer and the review team?

In the plugin submission section, I only see two sections allowing the upload of .zip files as shown in the image.

  • Section A is for the product I upload to CodeCanyon, which is the installation file for customers to use.
  • Section B I do not understand very well.

I have read the content of this article but still do not specifically understand how to package and submit it. Because if the file already includes the bundle files, it increases the plugin’s storage size. Is there a structure to send both the final package to customers and the package for the review team in parallel? Or should I only send one of the two?

Not sure if this is gonna answer your question but as it’s WordPress version, the plugin should be ready to install without dependencies and compile and run without any problem after the installation

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Thank you, Webpack supports processing and bundling JS and CSS code to ensure they work well and are as lightweight as possible, which helps to improve performance. Most of the Vue.js, React.js libraries I work with use it to build bundles for end products. Webpack plugins support the build process by ensuring security checks, eliminating redundant code, and removing unused CSS.

Using tools like Webpack allows developers to note, comment, or do anything on their code without necessarily having to remove these comments when bundling. Files like *.min.js and *.min.css that you see are the final results of the bundle.

I am just not clear about the guidelines of Envato for submitting my application because I am not sure if there are specific instructions regarding this matter.

I’m not sure if it was you or someone else but I suggested to use the simple language possible for the WordPress themes. Some of the users even are unable to install a theme on a server - asking them to configure something complicated such as React/VUE platforms could create more issues as well as the server requirements may be different and you may be ending giving the refunds.

You might have misunderstood my point about using webpack in development environments or projects running on node environments. I understand that these environments have specific requirements for servers. However, what I mentioned was only about the minified files for JS and CSS.

My point is simply like the jquery.js and jquery.min.js files. We should use jquery.min.js for the production environment.

Building the .min. files for use in the final product ensures that the customer installing it does not face any issues with functionality, server requirements, etc. If there are any errors, it is our responsibility to adjust and rebuild.

As shown in the image, I build my JS files into .min.js for use in modules and plugins. Comparing the sizes, the .min.js files are significantly smaller than the development versions. Therefore, my question is whether there are any specific documents provided by Envato regarding this process? Specifically, the guidelines for submitting the original and optimized files for review?

Because if it’s for the final product, my customers are entitled to use a version that provides better performance and is lighter.

You can add minified version but you’d need to add a clean/uncompressed version of the JS/CSS files, too. For the core jQuery files, minified version is okay.

Thank you for your feedback. However, it would be great if you were the person responsible for this at Envato. Unfortunately, wandering around this forum, the things I find do not support authors much. Perhaps everything has to be tried and submitted, but even when rejected, it’s hard to get an answer :))))

I’m thinking that many developers might have considered building their own market, and people like them from Envato :)))))

You’re requesting a support at the forum that is built for suggestions only. If you want a specific answer from Envato staff, you can submit a ticket.

Or check the FAQ page:

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