Best Music for Science Fiction TV Shows, Film, & Movies

Something what I want to show you, maybe it will be interesting in this topic

Here is my track for this category

Why this music is ideal:
This track has layers of intrigue, mystery and fantasy that perfectly capture the futuristic history and environment. Synthesizers and electronic notes gradually increase the dramatic tension for the listener in this soundtrack.


Is beautiful and fascinating track. Perfect for documentary projects. Films where you want a relaxed and unobtrusive, atmospheric music.

Why this music is ideal: It can be used in any sci-fi scenes. Mood is very deep and intense. I created this track being inspired by favourite movies.

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Why this music is great for sci fi:
It’s very disturbing and creepy, which is good for sci fi horrors. Plus, distant humming and noises create the atmosphere of an abandoned industrial environment, like wrecked spaceship or space station.

Examples with similar atmosphere:
Alien, Dead Space, Soma

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This Music ideal for a science fiction film. It would be perfect for a reflective part of the movie where the characters are wondering what is going on.

I feel this piece of music is well suited

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Though it almost has no sales, I really like this one:

This music has atmospheric futuristic electronic sound of the 80’s which is perfect for sci-fi movies or TV shows about cosmos, universe and time travel.