Becoming a Web Developer That Can Build Themes and Web Apps


So. I’ve had this question come up so many times in my head and never bothered to ask it. Googled it a few times and was never successful in finding an answer.

So one thing that bugs me is that I’m a creative thinker and it’s really frustrating for me to go back and forth being pushed around left and right, course to course, instructor after instructor. I really want to know how I can go about creating themes for Envato Market. Funny thing is that I always see “how to make a wordpress theme…” threads here and there, but never someone explaining how to make a theme that sells on Envato Market. Maybe I’ve missed it or lacked the ability to find it.

I know that the marketplace on Envato is fairly broad. Ranging from Wordpress themes to Shopify themes and others. All I’m looking for is a breakdown of the languages needed to create themes.

So far I have HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL under my belt. I still have to get used to Bootstrap and other frameworks. What else do I need to learn? I mean, there is a workflow on how businesses or individuals create themes to put onto Envato isn’t there? I understand there may be more than one way in creating themes, but a workflow would be nice. A nice detailed workflow of how one goes from coding static websites to amazing themes that one can sell!


P.S. If you have any recommendations on what language I should learn please be sure to add that in as well. Thanks!