Badly need help with "Paypal SSL Error"


Can anyone help me i was about to withdraw some payments from a client through paypal but when i login in an SSL Error occurred, anyone have a solution for this kind of problem, getting worried all of a sudden.


As it’s said, you should try with another browser of another Internet connection. Maybe you have a trojan on your system.

You may also check your system with an antivirus…



I have the same problem, FireFox announces the invalidity of SSL certificate


ImanGM thanks for your time responding i did try what you suggested i also reset the wifi and turn off and on the internet connection restarted my computer and still get an error.

Also i have tried another machine and as well as using my mobile phone to access paypal and the same error occurred even when im using a different device.


Try typing the entire SSL url: to force the browser opening the real website (instead of typing

Instead, if it’s not working it might have to do with your hosts file, see this: