Backend royalties for items sold on AudioJungle

I have been with Audiojungle for a few years and have about 25 tracks over here. They don’t sell TOO much, but over the course of a few years I’ve had 247 sales so far. Now…what I realized was, while I am registered as a composer on BMI, I never registered these tracks.
I am a non exclusive author on Audiojungle. My question is: should I expect to see any back end royalties retrospectively, if I register these tracks? If so, how would that work? Audiojungle as the publisher 100%, me as a writer 100%? Is there backend for tracks sold here at all? Can anyone shed some light on this subject? Thanks a lot!

AJ is not a publisher, so you should get 200% (both writers and publishers shares combined), unless you have another publisher. I’m new to this thing, to be honest) As of retrospective royalties - that’s what I’d like to know too, I’ve registered my tracks about a half a year ago, and haven’t seen any royalties yet. Hope someone more experienced will show up and tell us more.

Here you will find all the info you need about PRO


Everyone read right off the PRO web sites too. Read every word, verbatim. Then read it again…and again…and again…and even again.