Awesome Infinite zoom image


Came aross this web page today very very cool, tell me what you thing, i have put this in the off topic forum so there should be no problems

click here for the site


Old but good, some real effort there to make sure certain things lign up.

What if we make one of those? :stuck_out_tongue:

Should be doable tbh.


That would be sweet, i think it is very doable, have to get some people interested


That’s very impressing :smiley:
seems to be a very effective method for hypnosis LOL


WOOOW! this was coooool :smiley:


lol nice effect O_o


I think that just started a flash back
good find


That is the secind one the first one, was amazing to!


thats awesome! xD


You can make it as hard as you want tbh. You can use objects that act as transitions, for instance a window on a building can acts as a transition.

Or you can ofc have a continuous element, that makes it harder.

watch this:


got this from youtube

This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions.

anyother links to the video AirkB



Try this then:

Otherwise search youtube for eple by Royksopp.


Really good, same about the video quality, but so well put together!


Greate effect…You never expect where it will go to zoom in


This is a lot like an old idea that did the rounds a few years ago whereby you click an image and it leads into another…like this:


ah yes that Royksopp video I havent even clicked on the link but I kow the one you are on about

great video