available Map APIs

Hi regarding the Map APIs do we have the ability to use other Maps except Google?


you can use that if you have rights for uses.


Thank you for your reply,

Could you give me some more details, what do you mean by “rights for uses” and what alternative maps are available?


Hmm, are you by chance asking about a theme’s ability to use a different maps service? (and if so, which theme?)

yes exactly, theme’s ability to use a different maps service, for example Navigator theme or WordPress Directory Theme e.g. Inventory

It will depend on the theme - bear in mind that all themes here are sold by individual freelancers, so the features will vary in each. Usually a theme will only support one maps service due to the amount of variability between them.

If a theme supports others then they’ll be listed in the description of the item, but you can also ask in the item comments (which is where pre-sales questions should go). If not, you may be able to have the author customize it (a paid job) or hire a freelancer to integrate the desired maps service.

  • The Navigator only supports Google (source: comments section, the first one)
  • Inventory doesn’t specifically state they support any other APIs so I’d assume it’s only Google, but you can ask in their comments section to make sure.