Avada Theme - Older versions

Hi - I am using Avada 3.8.6 and need to start the long and painful process of a staggered update… so I guess I need Avada 3.9.4, then Avada 4.0.3 before an update to the latest version… where can I find the older files please??


Contact with your purchase item author @ThemeFusion @ThemeFusion_Support hope they will help you out from your issue.


Please contact theme Author Avada theme Author Support and let them know. Thanks

I don’t know if this helps, but visit https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/install-update/important-update-information-archive/ and the author runs through the changelogs and reasons why the theme has been updated. https://theme-fusion.com/documentation/avada/install-update/avada-changelog/

Clearly it has been a while since you ran an update, so it might be better to start afresh and make backups now.

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