avada secondary top menu background not shown in website but shown on avada builder

Hello everyone, I hope you all doing well, I have purchased an Avada Wordpress theme template, I have used The prebuild website Modern Shop, I wanted to change the main menu to the menu number (501),
→ I started editing it on the builder days ago so It looks the way I wanted it on builder but with a transparent background.
→ Also wanted to add cart counter circle on the main menu, I have it in older versions but the updated kind of difficult a bit.
I still have support for 6 months on the theme


Contact with your purchase item author @ThemeFusion_Support @ThemeFusion hope they will help!


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@unlockdesign thank you so much for your quick reply. Do I have to contact them on this forum or go somewhere else to do so ? or do I have to tag their hangers in the previous post ? sorry am new to forums

make a comments here

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thank you again,
I made a comment there I hope someone respond

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