Update Themeforest (from 2016 up today)

We had installed 26.10.2016
Themeforest / Avada
Item by ThemeFusion
Avada | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme
Regular License

various updates are available:

Select Twenty Fifteen Twenty Fifteen You have version 1.6 installed. Update to 3.0.
Select Twenty Fourteen Twenty Fourteen You have version 1.8 installed. Update to 3.2.
Select Twenty Nineteen Twenty Nineteen You have version 1.7 installed. Update to 2.1.
Select Twenty Seventeen Twenty Seventeen You have version 2.4 installed. Update to 2.8.
Select Twenty Sixteen Twenty Sixteen You have version 1.3 installed. Update to 2.5.
Select Twenty Twenty Twenty Twenty You have version 1.5 installed. Update to 1.8.

We have (successfully) updated:

  • Wordpress 5.8
  • Avada
  • Fusion Builder
  • Fusion Silder

We updated all the above-mentioned Themes (themeforest - Twenty) together,
and the webpage went down and Worpress went into debug mode.

We had to restore the backup.

a) What steps do we have to follow to update the theme to avoid a crash?

b) What is the connection / history between themeforest and Twenty?

Hi @venuslight,

those themes ( Twenty Fourteen to Twenty Twenty) are WordPress own default theme and WordPress always use the last version theme as default install theme. But if you are using Avada or any other premium theme then those Twenty Fourteen to Twenty Twenty themes are optional theme. you can remove/delete them from cpanel/file manager.

If you have any technical query about Avada theme then please contact the author of your purchased theme, the theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Thanks, for clarifing.

Do I get it right - according to the above picture:

a) The (only) installed and active Theme is Avada?

b) Where can I see Themeforest installed (and it’s version)?

c) The Twenty… are not active at all and can be deleted?

a) yes, right.
b) Onmouse over the Avada theme screenshots there you will get popup where a link ‘Theme Details’ which will show you the current version of theme you are using. If you like to see the last update info of the Avada theme then you can see it from the theme page at themeforest from your Download page.
c) yes but you can keep at least one Twenty Twenty.


Thank you.

a) Can you please explain the relation between:

avada <—> themeforest <—> themefusion?

I assume Avada is the overall framework.

c) What would happen if I deleted all themes " Twenty?
(non of them is active)

a) themeforest is a marketplace
themefusion is an Author in the marketplace
avada is a theme of the author themefusion

c) any inactive theme you can delete but if you like to keep them for future.

if you have any technical query about theme please contact the author to get support or for any technical query.

Thanks, that helps a lot to understand.

Last question in this contect: what is Envato?

Hi can anyone recommend the best theme for a courier and [shipping tracking] website. Current I am using generate press.

Last question in the above context (Theme, Marketplace): what is (the role of) Envato?

Envato is the company which owns ThemeForest marketplace which is part of the Envato Market site.