Avada purchase code

Hi hope this is the right place to pose this question. I have purchased many many copies of the Avada Theme as I am a web designer.

I have to re-register the purchase code of a clients website and unfortunately I have only written down in my notes the “Token”. Is there anyway to cross reference this with the purchase code?



Here you will find purchase code


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Yep absolutely know how to get the purchase code but this was not my question …

Is there anyway to cross reference the Token Code with the purchase code? I have many many purchase codes and I dont know how to match them to the various websites I have built with them.

Sorry! to say there is no such cross reference checking systems. you can contact theme author if they have built any systems to get record for each purchase code registration.

It would make the life of the theme purchasers so much easier if when purchasing a theme, that the website it was purchased for could be added?

In fact I seem to remember when creating the token for the purchase that you can add the title, for which I always add the website. Is there anyway to get this list?


as far I know there is no such features but you can get in touch with the author of your purchased item and also with envato customer support team.

Also you can check documentation here: https://build.envato.com/api


@MandyMc unfortunately there’s no place to associate notes with a purchase. However, as you say when creating a token for purchase verification you give it a title. You can find a list of your personal tokens and their titles here: