Author ID checks for CodeCanyon Authors starting Oct 1

thanks for sharing the info it helps us a lot

@mgscoder Thanks a lot.

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Thanks for the clarification, my account was verified just a few hours after I submitted the requirements.

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Hi Authors,
I am a new member in Envato Authors. Recently I got ID check verify link. I have a problem. When I upload my passport photo ID, it says face not recognized even though it is as clear as it should have been. Second problem is my passport photo is 7 years old. Does it verify passport ID photo with my live photo check even though my facial changes during these last 7 years? Though my passport is still valid.

Drop a message to Envato Authors Help and Support - they’re the only ones that can take action to check further on the matter. They’ll suggest the best course of action for this case. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Hello sir
I am babar Hussain and i am author on codecanyon as maherg420

Sir i am in problem when i verify my account they failed to verify and ask me again verify your account i think my national id card is in urdu languange and when i had get this id card than i dont have beard and now i have beard also if i want to get new id card with latest photo then it will take minimum 14 days now how can i survive on codecanyon and how to prove my identity please help

Hi @maherg420,

Please contact Envato Authors Help and Support, they are the right team to help about Author ID check. Envato support team will be happy to assist you.


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thank you sir

hi i would like to know if i have 2 accounts 1 personal account and a second company account that i want to use to send/ publish my products and services in upon the envato verifications process am i allowed to have 2 different envato accounts and how do i manage to verify both accounts of mine since i want to use my offical Brand Name/ Company name as an Author and the paypal section as well how best i use my same email address on both accounts since my peronal email address has been using paypal and is fully registered on paypal for the past 6 years while my personal email account(paypal account) is linked onto my main envato account and not my newly created envato account please advice

Hi @synetoss!

In general, you can have up to two Envato accounts (one Exclusive, one non-Exclusive) - see “Am I allowed to have multiple Author accounts” in this Help Centre article for more information.

If you need to do something other than this, please open a ticket with Envato Authors Help and Support to let them know what you need the additional accounts for - they’ll be able to help you out.

When registering multiple accounts, each account must use a different email address and username. They can use the same payout method, though.

Note that you’ll also need to nominate an individual as the account holder, even if the account operates as a company - you can include the company name on your tax forms, but you’ll need to list an individual’s first and last name in order to verify your account.

okay thank you so much that clears my doubts 2 accounts are enough for me :blush:

Why does your email link in the verify e-mail contain to such a strange url? I thought this was spam as links with completely different urls are normally spam e-mails!

This is why I ignored the e-mails so far…

Hi @mdempfle! The URL (e.g. in those links comes from the system we use to send our emails.

You can also go directly to to check if you have an Author ID Check available for your account.

this was a very legitimate remark, I guess this is probably because the checking is run by a third party …

My Three author ID checks have passed and my items are in disabled state, how can get verification email again?

Hi @tahirawan4349,

Please Contact Author Support and let them know. Support Team will be happy to assist you.


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