Author duplicated product and i am forced to make a new purchase: is that Right ?

I bought some years ago.

I tryied to update my old version to last one and i discover that the Author disabled this product and created exactly the same here: WooCommerce Product Colorizer by optart | CodeCanyon but my licence is not enabled for this “New” product.

Same Image
same name
same changelog (except that Changelog began from v4.0

Is that right ? I Mean, does the term of use of Codecanyon allow that ?

Sending message to support i got the folllowing surpirsing answer from Author:

“hi! sorry but no idea – probably best to contact envato if your license should be still valid”

How do i get my active licence for my plugin ?

Once an author takes an item down they are not allowed to resubmit it (for this very reason).

Your best option is to email envato who would be the only people able to rectify things

Envato Market Help and Support

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