Author Dashboard Error

I got this notification in my Graphicriver dashboard.

Is this the reason why I haven’t seen many sales in the past two days? Normally, I get 6-8 sales daily, even on weekends. However, there were only 2 sales on November 13th, and just 1 sale today.

Hope everything get well soon.

Hi @mazkamto,

I can’t see any portfolio in your envato market profile!

Do you mean Envato Elements? Then please check it:


Hi @mazkamto. That pop-up is currently shown to all Elements authors, but it will be displayed in several places (Market dashboards and upload tools, etc).

This issue specifically affects the Elements Dashboard, and the daily earnings data shown on it. The dashboard pages were offline briefly this morning, and are back online again now - but there is a delay in showing new daily Elements Earnings data.

The dashboard issue does not affect GraphicRiver or the other Envato Market sites. However, all ecommerce sites are likely to have low sales this week as we’re just about to hit the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales period - so customers are all holding off on new purchases, and waiting to see what will be on sale.

Edit: I’ll close this thread - if you have any questions about the Elements Dashboard issue, please post them in the thread that mgscoder has linked to above.