AudioJungle Sales Monitor 3

Exactly one month since my last sale. Worst fall season ever for me.


I mainly agree with all that has been said, and I don’t understand how authors can devaluate their work at $5 and try to imitate the subscription model…

That being said, the subscription model is here to stay; when you are a youtuber, and need 6 to 10 small pieces of music, 3 times a week… it seems obvious to me that the traditionnal market is not for you; You won’t buy a full $39 track each time you just want a bit of background music.

But I (want to) believe there is room for both markets… at least for some time…


Good points, however what is problematic in my view is that a Youtube channel with just a couple of followers indeed would struggle to pay that, but there are also channels making lots and lots of $.
You could argue that channels that start out just have enough free options to get up and running before reaching a point where they have a budget to spend on assets. The question is, should everyone have access to millions of tracks to sync for a subscription price? The irony is that some videos using music would generate a lot more income via Identifyy/ Adrev than via subscription models where a license is created. So looking at it from that angle you see the music actually has a lot of added value to a video. Something to think about…

I think overall a lot of us authors don’t realise that often there is actually more budget than we think.


Agree with you. A lot of active youtubers make very good money.


It’ll never happen, but using the PRO model for YouTubers would be a way forward.


Indeed. YouTube now has more reach than TV, but still uses standard licensing and does not pay royalties. We need a change in the licensing system depending on the number of channel subscribers. The stock industry has recently been changing only in favor of customers


PROS actively negotiate deals with Youtube for their catalogues but royalties are still on the low side and it’s indeed not really regarding production music and its use. That’s why in Germany for many years things were not visible on Youtube. It was because of GEMA.

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Very few small YouTubers license my tracks from here, it’s 90% businesses and they have money for sure. More depressingly I’ve had music licensed for online car ads and promos for big computer games where I made $7 from that license, if they had wanted to license from a music library for online marketing for a high budget game the composer would have surely earned over $1,000…


Very slow start of the month, but some littles sales trickled in through some discounts…
Hope it all picks up!
Have a great selling and healthy week, my Jungle mates!
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things are starting to pick up slowly but surely :slight_smile:


9 days without sales


Two months that I have not reached the threshold and my latest sales was 1 month ago. :sweat_smile:


It’s the same with me. Only. There was a sale tonight. Five weeks later.


Oct last year was a bit of a slow month. This year it’s ok so far.
Good luck everyone!



Real fun! :unamused: