AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Ok, so this what I don’t get: Are you saying this month was capped on the first half or the second half of the month, or is the whole month capped? You complained for the whole first half of the month that sales were bad, so they should be good now, right?


That’s the picture I was seeing till mid-august, but, alas. not anymore.

Went through the “Your Last Sold Track” thread, and here are the stats:
US sales for July - 31.4%
August - 31.5%
and for the last 30 days - 21.1%


Well, I guess complaining works. I just sold a pack, standard license, after writing here to complain about December sales. And, to the U.S., no less. So here’s my advice to everyone going through a slump this month: COMPLAIN !


I probably also complain. I know authors who have great sales at this time. I see a constant drop in sales in my account. And the fall does not slow down, but everything intensifies.


No sales from me for about 6 days. I actually held off uploading a bunch of new stuff fearing the second half of December would be horrid though. starting to upload again now for new tracks to be added in new year. I wish everyone a great start to 2019! :slight_smile:


Stop going through me!


It seems the holidays season has arrived for me in sales. But i began holidays first. :joy:
My brother came from Italy for holidays so i´m spending time with him.
This morning picture before surf session.

Have a nice christmas and holidays, dudes.
And wishing next year will be better for all.
Share time with family.


Utterly and absolutely diabolical dead. December is a woeful month. Over $100 down to average previous months. Thank You to elements!


Well, from a weekend mode sales goes really absent.
Google Analytics shows 0(!) views for Thursday… :neutral_face:


Sales are totally dead!


Hi guys! What do you think, will it be better after all the holidays? I hope so because sales today are really dead.


My last two sales have been for Israel, Thanks!!!


Well if you just stopped turning up out of the blue we wouldn’t have to go through you! No one likes a slump! :wink:


Without me you all would have nothing to boo-hoo about though! i do agree that i need to announce myself instead of just ringing the doorbell and go like


2018 Envato Annual Public Impact Statement

The exclusive author ended for me, and … and I became Exclusive again! One more month until the end of January(I’ll see)! So far, so! I turned 180 degrees! Absolutely the opposite of what I said before (there are some reasons for this)! I see glimpse in sales here for me (unexpectedly and very sharply, strangely)! I am an exclusive author again here! Suddenly, even for me, but a fact! I changed my opinion to the opposite (but temporarily).
Right or wrong, I do not know!


It seems to me that to be NOT exclusive is just to lose time here … if you are a musician, what prevents you from writing, on the basis of some track, a different version of it, with the same harmony, but in a different tone, speed and main melodies and place its on another audio stock? then you will not lose a huge amount of money, for example, I get a little more than 60% for each sale, but No Exclussive only 30% ?


I thought it was better for me, I thought for a very long time! But while I decided to sell here! :wink:


I will never leave Envato! Just look at me having a nice cup of coffee while making a new track that will end up with 0 sales! :smiley:


Once upon a time, when I was recording living people, I worked in a very old version of Cubase. Yes, it has changed a lot!


Now I work like this! :laughing: