AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Just had another sale from the U.S. Time to take back what I said about sales from the U.S. and December sales. I will also be taking back what I said about Slump, as well, since I am officially not going through @RobertSlump anymore.


If what is happening now is not a drop in sales, then most likely now is Halloween. Sales simply do not. There are no buyers from the USA either. There are 10 days left, they will not help return the earnings. It looks like I’m bankrupt… hoohoohoo


I do not worry, I panic. Last year, the spirit of envato helped us. All that was needed was “boohoohoo or complaining” and order triumphed. This year the spirit of envato left us. Or stayed in the last branch.


I also start from “zero”, but everyone has different “zero” :slight_smile:
and I do not write to other audio drains, only to Envato … just a lot of personal clients and not enough time to write to another place …


I am a peaceful flower :slight_smile: thanks for the kind words … and good luck with your sales!


wow is a super technological studio :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Try Reaper! :slight_smile:


Sales appear in the second half of this month…

And after sales for Israel, sales in the United States return.


Sales are dead on my side. Good luck for everyone!


Now, for me, December was the worst month of the year, with 48 sales (with an average of 75 sales per month). Sales drop by 30 percent!!!
December 2017: image


Yup same here… i reached 1/3 of my sales last month.
Still a few days to go, granted… but we all know Christmas is coming and the holiday has allready started.

This december being the worst month of 2018 is not a good way to end this year.
Bring on 2019!


Absolutely Yuletide dead.


Last sale 3 days ago


some of little project )


I wish you all Happy Xmas ! :slight_smile:


Thank you! Merry Christmas to all of you :christmas_tree:


Curious things is happening in december. Got a few sales of tracks that are 3 years old. Wish for an achievement of 200 sales overall by the end of 2018. Keeping my fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:
Merry Christmas to all.


Realistically speaking, probably 1-2 sales more. Which is still just horrible not just for december, but for the whole year… But just take a look at these countries - Costa Rica, Argentina…pure summer. The most diverse countries i have ever seen on my list. I’ll take that.


I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
The end of the year and it’s time to take stock and comparison with last year.
This year 79 tracks were written (approved) and 473 sold.
In the past, 67 were written and 537 sold … in money in 2017 - 1000 dollars was more
Top countries 2017-2018: 1-USA, 2- South Korea.
This December was an ordinary month with 37 sales and average earnings (so far).
Good luck and fulfillment of your goals to everyone!


Last year sales continued until December 31st. But now, after December 25, there are no more sales. I still have 50 sales in December, last year it was 75. 4 days left, we’ll see …Merry Christmas!