AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

There’s only one sale this week! HA! :upside_down_face:

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One sale!!! Amaaaaazing!!!

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The second month without payments - is a collapse!
I do not know what to do!


I’m sad to see this but the audio and stock footage is doomed because of Elements, I don’t know what advice to give you…

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you said it!

“You said it!” so, what is next?

I don’t see the point in provoking me to conflict! What for? For fun? I may not have everything as smooth as it seems, but I don’t run write and complain every time in the sales monitor. There is an epidemic in the world, and you can only say “sales have fallen, where are my sales”. Very creative.


For me, the first part of March was pretty tolerable, but the second half of the month is just depressing … it’s getting worse and worse … I’m curious about how it will end here, will my sales drop to 1 time per month or a little more … Today is March 27th and only 13 sales … sad

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So far, only 12 sales. The fact that I earned poorly in February and almost went without sales, in March it already paid off, and March itself inclusive. It came to a common denominator for the average month. In general, now everything is aligned.

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I’ve had two sales in the last two days for new items (although they were $11 tracks).

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This week is bad for me, good month in general. I expected more, tbh.

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4 sales this week, suddenly 3 today. Thank you.

In other hand…
When you are out of your orchard 12 days, the rats throw a party with the avocados… :joy:


I’m not provoking you, you simply said exactly what is true, you are wasting your time here so why bother.

Ah, maybe it was “ratatouille”. He must be cooking avacado soup for the dinner and needed some ingredients.

He’d prefer to go to an orchard instead of market due to the current situation :slight_smile:


I’m afraid to guess what you did with this metal pickaxe? Or was it just in the frame as an addition? :joy:
I hope all rats survived?


Ratatouille wouldnt leave the food on the ground. :joy:

I just use it against the bad seeds, but not for Nick Cave… :joy:


Thank God! :slightly_smiling_face:


That is exactly what Nick whisper to my ear… every day. :rofl:


Today AJ gave me two small but pleasant gifts. Absolutely unexpectably I’ve achived the trendsetting badge for my very old item. I bet I need to thank some videohiver but still haven’t found where the splash of traffic is from. So one badge more.

And also today I reached 3000 sales. Just a rounded number.

I abandoned my AJ about a year ago but it still remember me :slight_smile: And I love the community so I returned to post something positive. Thanks Envato and thank you all!


Only 2 sales in March. There is not even money to withdraw.

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The month of March has not been too bad for me because I have had 11 sales, which is a good fact in my case, especially with the storm that we all know. I’ve also had a hard reject for a song.
Thanks to all buyers from all over the world !!