Audiojungle doesn't want to develop non-exclusive accounts ?

Hello everybody,

Since the creation of my non-exclusive account (February 2017 ) Envato rejects all my tracks that I submit.
My exclusive account exists since March 2013, 223 items, 1007 sales.

All the tracks they have refused make very good sales on other marketplaces.

What is the problem ? did I miss a piece of information ? Envato doesn’t want to develop non-exclusive accounts ?

Do you have the same experience ?


I have two accounts (Ex. and Non-Ex), and I don’t see any difference in reviewing process or in sales. Actually I sometimes choose randomly in the last moment to wich account I’ll upload my brand new track. And sometimes I choose wisely and with purpose. Anyway I hadn’t noticed any discrimination of Non-Ex account (exept higher author fee) for past two years.

Hello Theo_Sound,
thanks for your reply. i’am happy you have a positive expérience with your Non-Ex reviewing process.

What’s happening with me is the exact opposite, I have a non-exlusive account since 3 years, and I didn’t have approvals troubles as much as I’m having troubles with my new exclusive account that I created just last July.
I have no clue what happens behind the scenes, but my best blind guess is that they are harsher on newer accounts than older accounts, (probably) the more badges and ratings you have, the more tolerance and respect you get from the reviewing process.
These are all blind guesses based on my experience, the reality is I don’t know what is really happening behind the approvals process.

Thanks for your reply Mospiration_E :wink: