Audio Jungle seller icon assistance

Hi, completely new member here and looking forward to creating lots of audio content for Audio Jungle. I’m looking for some advice on getting a graphic icon to look nice after shrinking it down to the 80x80 size that is used with items for sale on A.J. I’m decent with Photoshop and have created some initial graphics, but after reducing the image size to 80x80, I’m losing too much detail and get a very ‘pixelated’ image. I do always start the image size at multiples of 80 and have experimented with various reduction types in PS, but am having no luck. I’ve looked very closely at a lot of icons used by sellers here and they seem to be very detailed and clean, even at that small of a size.

I’d be very appreciative for any advice / suggestions on how to achieve this, and thank you in advance for any help you decide to offer.

hi, make the essential spring out , do not create to many details and work out from a good initial idea , and this should be ok lol :wink: bt not necessarily so easy to do