How important is your logo image for marketing/sales?

Hi guys,

Sorry if this is a topic that’s already been breached before, but wanted to get a clear idea on this.

I suppose like any other business - image is important, and I imagine as a potential buyer looking through the latest tracks, they would be automatically drawn towards the more professional looking logos.

But I was wondering whether anyone had any direct experience of a noticeable sales improvement based on branding/logos?

Do people pay for designers/contact members of the Envato community to create something for them? Mine was just whipped up on a free logo maker, but my artistic talents only stretch so far…

Any help greatly appreciated!!

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I don’t think that there’s direct link between sales and optional thumbnail picture, it’s probably important that the picture should be memorable, catchy… so the buyer remembers it :slight_smile:

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I think yours looks professional enough. I know most authors put a lot of time into their graphics etc, but I think on AudioJungle it doesn’t make much difference, I assume the majority of listening and decision making by the customer occurs on the search page, not on the author’s profile page. By the time they click onto your profile page they’re already interested I suppose!! So just make sure your 80x80 profile thumbnail looks neat and tidy and is readable at that tiny resolution. That was the thing I found the hardest; I kept coming up with designs that looked great until I reduced them to 80x80 and found the detail was lost!

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Awesome appreciate the responses guys, I guess your right and shouldn’t be spending too much time worrying about it . It’s just when you look at some of the top sellers their whole package looks so slick and professional! @BlueSkyAudio thanks for the validation - I’ve always flown solo doing this so great to have at least one person telling me it doesnt look awful!

I’ll keep focus on the quality of music for now…

I made my logo and other artwork all for free using programs online like Fotor

There was cool item at Envato forum about creating your brend) I think that name, design of your profile, logo are very important parts of succesfull brend.

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awesome thanks @LuckyBlackCat, I’ll be sure to try and find it. Every little helps!

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If customers can’t find you in the search engine, then even the fanciest logo won’t work. It however can certainly let you pop out, once you’re visible.

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Hey @JB_Productions, regarding this topic, you will find these articles interesting:


@SnailMusic totally forgot to reply - appreciate this, will check them out!

I suggest you made yourself an inspirational,uplifting logo :slight_smile:


And don’t forget to be motivational and make a corporate logo :stuck_out_tongue:

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