Which arpeggiator do you use?
Do you use several different for different tasks?
Kind regards


I use build-in arpeggiator in synth. Or Reaper JS arpeggiator. But most of the time I manually make arpeggios


I use the one in Logic and the arpeggiator in Omnisphere.


Arto vaarala.You can try it. I don´t use it because I prefer compose it but can be a good option.


Thank you
I’m not so familiar with arpeggiators and maybe the most composer do it manually. I might give Kirnu and the arp in omnisphere some time.

When I listen to all corporate tracks I thought that many used it a lot but maybe that’s not the case?


You can also dtry doing it manually (like @JohnRosso said) and then adding a delay. :helicopter: