Hi everyone !

I have got a question for some of you !

Since few weeks I saw lot of advertising about Arcade !
I had try it free during few hours, but I wasn’t efficient at all with it. It’s too different from my habits.

However I still remain interested by it…

Do some of you use it regularly for your productions?
If so, what do you think?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Too repetitive, not enough flexible for me.

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Thanks for your sharing ! I gave it another try , and it was really inspiring. Not for making a full track, but to spice up a bit some idea, or find inspiration ! I will keep to dig a bit with it. I like it :slight_smile:


good modern “retro-modern” sound with great quality effects
you can find many styles from classic, cinematic, funky, pop to retro inspiring sounds from 60’ or 80’.
you can change key and edit every" loop"
you can put own sample too.

very inspiring for me

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Thanks a lot ! I’m agree with you. This is the third day I’m working with it… and it’s really amazing. You can start an great idea with just one loop. The arcade Loop are inspiring !!