Approve my item my item name is DigiPro – Multivendor Digital Products Marketplace

DigiPro – Multivendor Digital Products Marketplace (New)
Please approve my item


Website Demo:

Admin Demo:

Admin Login:
User: admin

User and Vendor Login:

User: vendor

Have you submitted it for review?

20 minutes ago yes

Is it just HTML/PHP? I.e. there’s no active commerce function?

It’s possibly a bit over inspired by envato

It does feel a bit incomplete

There is definitely room for improvement in design and execution in places?

php script

check my all project pages

any issues find and send with me.

It’s not a category I know much about but I would have thought that including active commerce would be key to an item like this.

It’s also worth trying to make the design a it more original and including more example products to make it feel more complete

approve now and i will update more example products

and other issues share with me

  • No one In the forums is a reviewer or can approve the item

  • Items don’t get approved with the intention of adding more later. More often than not this approach ends in items being hard rejected and blocked from resubmission.

if you didn’t get feedback then it’s been hard rejected and you will need to make significant changes. You should go through and address (just examples - you need to invest time in finding all the changes needed)

  • all the empty categories

  • tighten up design on pages like author application,

  • try to make the design more original and less of a copy/over inspired by envato

  • is strongly suggest finding a way to make it shopable/include actual transitional commerce. Without this the value is extremely limited

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There was no need to send me a personal message to get your item approved :smiley:
I think you got the wrong attitude. Please make yourself familiar with the rules of Envato in general and more specifically how to submit an item.

my item not approved its pending

Bro wait for review, If approved then celebrate else try to change required.
But be polite, you are forcing them. They got angry they can ban you :grin:

Joking but be polite at envato :slightly_smiling_face: